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Home Additions

Adler Building Company specializes in building additions. Room additions will add square footage and value to your existing home, without the additional expenses incurred in the purchase of a new home and all the expenses that go with it. If you like the area you live in you should consider staying. This is especially attractive to growing families with good neighbors, friends, and schools.

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Home Improvements & Remodeling

Your home is in all likelihood your most major investment. Our years in the remodeling business have made us aware that homeowners are sometimes intimidated by the process of having work done on their property. A lot of people feel like they should know more about what a project entails, and they sometimes make the mistake of choosing the route of avoidance. It is OUR business to be fully-versed in all things related to home renovations, not yours. We will put you at ease and explain each step of any proposed job, and we won’t begin until you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about any work that is needed.Kitchen Oak Wood Floors and Cabinets

There are a lot of honest people in this world. Unfortunately, they can hurt you just as much as a dishonest person. Over the years I’ve seen more than my share of honest people fail in this business for many reasons and hurting their customers in the process. The failures in the home improvement business must be huge! There is only a hand full of remodelers that you recognize their name form only 10 years ago. If you hire a contractor that fails while in the middle of your home remodeling project you will feel like you’re living a nightmare!

An honest remodeler starts a business with the intent of fulfilling the needs of homeowners and to make a living. The knowledge needed to do all the various work connected with home improvement is Immeasurable and I don’t know a sole that has that kind of wisdom. So you would think he’s better off sticking to what he knows best specializing in a certain area for instance bathroom remodeling. He puts out low bid in an effort to secure work thinking that the low bid gets the job. If he completes the work using quality products at the very best he doesn’t make any money. Can’t stay in business very long that way!

If you’ve done your homework, hired someone that’s licensed and run into a problem with your home improvement contractor that between yourself and the contractor cannot be resolved don’t run to an attorney. In Michi,gan, we have a licensing board that will look into the matter. Make sure you document the problem to the best of your ability. Write down date and times, take pictures and have your local city do an on-site inspection. File a complaint against the remodeler. If in the end, they find that the contractor has done something improper they can remedy that problem with suspension, fines and/or a monetary compensation. A major factor in this would be any violations that your city building department finds.